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Conscious OS is the world’s first mindfulness development platform built on the blockchain designed to empower individual and collective evolution through meditation. Our users earn cryptocurrency rewards for dedicating time to improving the state of their mental and emotional health. Using our wearable smart-ring technology, Conscious OS collects multiple streams of user data to provide biofeedback, validate progress, improve motivation, and enable the next level of collaboration, innovation and research in the field of human development. Conscious OS provides a platform that makes meditation easy, effective and completely personalized for the individual. What’s even better is users can connect their practice to a philanthropic cause / charity, so each time they meditate a portion of their rewards can be directed to projects such as building schools, reforestation, or providing nourishment for people in need (we are partnered with Peter Singer and his LifeYouCanSave organization). Other partnerships include Unify (world record for largest global synchronized meditation), Retreat.Guru,, 1 Million Meditators, and more!


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