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ProjectEOS ProjectsEOSindex
Description EOS Projects is a directory of apps,
sites, tools created for EOS.
EOSindex is a directory for all Projects
based around the platform.
Preferably the Creators publish their
profile themselves to ...
Project Website
Project Status Live/Released Live/Released
Code repository

This project is not open-source :(
Graph which illustrate rate of development
Project can receive a score
  (by admin?)
Multiple tags can be attached to each project
Is there a dedicated place to list all project
+ a possibility to define whole team
+ github/steem verification
only author (not verifiable)
Can a user left a feedback about the project
  (no edit option)
User profile
Show more information about Steem users in the
context of project development
+ information about steem and github accounts
+ list of own projects
+ list of projects contributed to
+ list of favorite projects
Development info
Information useful for programmers
+ list of contribiutors
+ link to repository
+ number of stars/forks on github
+ graph with number of commits
Limited (link to repository)
Can a user be informed about new projects or new
A user can bookmark a project by adding it to list
of favorite projects
Shows events for each project (new releases,
important updates, etc)
+ a possibility of manual edits
+ automated insert rules
List of latest project
Shows the newest projects build by a EOS community
Comparison grids
Description of similar apps, focused on strengths
and weaknesses
Images/screenshots of each project
  (full gallery, multiple images)   (only logo)
Editable by users
Can a user add/edit information about a project by
+ everyone can add a new project as a draft
+ author of draft and team members of a project can edit it
+ moderators can edit/publish all project
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