Frequently Asked Questions

Who maintains this site?

This website was created and is maintained by Tokenika. This website was designed in such a way that community is able to add/edit all entries about projects:

  • everyone can add a new project as a draft
  • author of draft and team members of a project can edit it
  • moderators can edit/publish all project
We believe, that it is in best interest of every active EOS community member, to keep ledger of all projects up to date.

How can I contribute?

This project is open-source, what means that everyone can contribute, by creating a pull request. Even if you are not a programmer, you can still help by adding information about new projects, which should be listed on EOS Projects or you can help by creating Comparision Grids.

What are grids?

Grids let you compare EOS projects to each other. A grid comes with a number of default items compared, but you can add more features in order to get a more specific comparison.

For now, we are trying out EOS Projects without the traditional tagging system, because we think that grids give us a lot more specificity.

What are categories?

Categories are broad groups of EOS projects into something more granular than Grids. A project can only have one category. Changing then requires backend work, and is not done lightly. This is intentional, done in order to make searching easier.

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